Where do you save your memories?

At best they’re likely scattered across social media, if recorded at all. The Capsll app gives you digital time capsules to tell your life stories, save your history, and pass on your legacy.

Add your life stories

The stories that you wish to save, share privately or publicly, or pass on one day.

Decide who has access

Make sure that the right people have access to the right stories once you are ready to share them

Leave your legacy to your nearest & dearest

Have full control of who you leave each Capsll to.

View publicly shared stories

Browse through hundreds of stories publicly shared by fellow Capsllrs

Focused on saving & safely passing on your memories!

Save your stories

Imagine being able to see your grandfather share his life stories, or your grandmother share her famous secrect recipes. Now you’ll be able to do just that! What would you Capsll to watch back later in life, or pass on to future family generations?

Coached storytelling

Don't know how to tell a good story or worried that you may forget details? Our storytelling coaches will help you to remember all the details and create a meaningful recount of your life events and memories.

Decide Who Has Access

You have full control over who will be able to access your stories after your earth time is over. Leave special messages for your spouse or one of your children. Save your college stories to look back on later in life. It's completely up to you who is able to access what.

Pass on your legacy

Perhaps the most important part of Capsll is the ability to leave your stories, memories and history to those closest to you. Through proprietary technology, no memory will ever be lost.

View publicly shared stories

Interested in hearing other Capsllrs stories or perhaps sharing your insights and stories for others to hear. Capsll provides the ability for you to publicly share your stories and to listen to fellow Capplrs publicly shared stories.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a very definite goal to launch Capsll in the first quarter of 2022. Make sure to sign up for updates.

Capsll will be hosted and served from Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The very same technology that protects services like GMail, Google Calendars and Google Drive will be used to protect and secure your data.

Yes there will be. Public feed is scheduled to be released in the first version of Capsll. You will have full control of what is public and what is private.

Yes. Capsll has been specifically designed for this purpose, to save and share your memories with your loved ones both now and after your earth story ends.

Coached storytelling will be available as a series of video tutorials accessible right inside the Capsll application. You’ll be coached by an internationally seasoned broadcast professional with almost two decades of experience.

Capsll will be available on Android.

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