Save & Share Your Life Stories

Where do you save your memories?

Whether recording Grandpa’s stories, the story of how you met, or simply YOUR STORY, Capsll is the place to save, share & discuss meaningful memories with select friends or family.

Capsll is the place to save and share your legacy for good.


Upload or record video, images, and audio!

We understand that it is difficult to collate and curate multiple media formats online. With Capsll you can create as many digital time capslls as you like, categorize each one as you desire, add all your media formats to a single space, and selectively share each Capsll.


Absolute control over the privacy of each of your Capslls!

Create as many time capslls as you like, each with their own sharing permissions. Keep a capsll just for yourself, another to pass on Grandma’s recipes, or tell your story publicly to inspire others. YOUR content, under YOUR control, at all times.


We will never sell or share your data. Ever.

Unlike the vast majority of platforms, Capsll will never sell your data or share your info with any 3rd parties. We, unlike most other platforms, do not allow 3rd party tracking or advertising on the app, and users own their own content.

Caspll’s goal is to set a new ethical standard in the tech space.


Learn how to tell the best types of stories through Coached Storytelling

We understand that it’s not always easy to tell your story. Capsll helps with coached storytelling tutorials that help you recount and save fuller memories. The neurological effect of saving your story in this way also causes your brain to remember related memories often long forgotten, kinda like chatting with an old school friend. It’s extremely fulfilling to engage in our own lives in this way while leaving meaningful insights to future generations.


Reminisce & discuss memories privately with those closest to you

With the Capsll private commenting feature, you now have the ability to discuss your memories with those you personally invite to the conversation – all without being tracked or targeted!

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