Save Your Life Stories & Share them Generationally

Where do you save your memories?

The Capsll app gives users digital time capsules to save life stories, memories, and insights in video, picture, and audio format, with the ability to share selectively and privately while passing digital content on generationally. Capsll is the place to save and share your legacy for good.


Upload or record video, images or audio. It’s your choice!

We understand that memories and stories get saved in all different types of formats. Capsll is suited to all the main media types so you’ll be able to upload memories & stories from your device or snap them in the moment using the built in camera or audio recorder.


Absolute control over the privacy of each of your Capslls!

Choose exactly how you would like to share each and every Capsll you create. Keep them private for yourself, share them with specific family & friends or make them public for all Capsllrs to see! The control is completely yours!


Share your stories generationally, in first person!

Imagine being able to watch videos of your great great grand parents talking directly to you! Now this will be a reality for future generations, through the use of Capsll Legacy technology. Saving your stories for generations to come.


Learn how to tell the best types of stories through Coached Storytelling

Don’t know how to tell a good story or worried that you may forget details? Our coached storytelling will help you to remember all the details and create a meaningful recount of your life events and memories.

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