Capsll the moment!

You only get one life. You should Capsll that.

Best Social Sharing App

Finally a place to store your memories and content where it’s safe, 100% belongs to the user, no tracking and I get to pass it on to people who matter to me! I’ve always wanted somewhere to keep all my memories! Thank you Capsll! Making history and changing the world!


Bringing back the way we used to do it

Amazing app that has modernized the way we used to document our lives back when we had cam-corders. Long form video for us doesn’t exist past 2006 due to the way social media has us posting pics only. I’m looking forward to going back to the way we use to document special moments intended for only the special people in our lives.


Clever and great for my family

Since my wife and I have had kids, I’ve been worried about having too many unsorted pictures and videos of the family on our phones. Capsll is the perfect way to organize our family memories and share with our extended family (and friends). We love this app!


Capsll app gives you digital time capsules to save your meaningful moments

Capslls are how you group your content to save & share

Finally a place to save your meaningful moments

Add your thoughts & never forget the moment

Remember, it’s private, there’s no judgement here.

Share each capsll privately & selectively

Keep capslls to yourself or share them with individuals or groups.

Private comments with only those added to the capsll

No comment anxiety.
No weirdos in your DMs. Enjoy deeper connection.

We all know that we’ve been conditioned to engage in our content in an unhealthy superficial way

At Capsll, we invite you to engage with your content in a meaningful way, one that values the moments behind the memories

Our belief is that this mindful approach to meaningful content has the power to mend the fabric of society & bridge the human experience, generationally

Our mission is to provide you with an ethically built and responsibly run platform that honors your most valuable assets…Your moments

Capsll is here for humanity

We donate $1 of your monthly subscription to your in-app selected nonprofit organization.

The Capsll Ecosystem

The Capsll App

Capsll the moment!

Our Kids Book

Your kids will love it and so will you!

Capsll Podcast

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