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Update #2

Investor Update July ’22

Clint Davis, CEO
July 13, 2022

Hi there!

We trust you and your family are well!

We’re excited to share our second investor update with you! We know that this is a lengthly update, however we will only be sending these out quarterly. We’ve included the full length video, or just the bullet points below should you only want an overview.

We appreciate you greatly, and are excited to share all this news with you!

Time stamps: 00:00 – Highlights | 05:20 – Tech | 13:45 – Go-To-Market | 23:55 – Finances

Highlights in this update:

  • Go-to-market Strategy (GTM)
  • Strategy in light of the current economic climate.
  • Our team is growing

Firstly, celebrations…

  • Google play store feature us organically (see screenshot below)
  • Kelsey Jones, employee no.1, Assistant role hire
  • Maya Blanusa, Product Manager hire
  • Sam is welcoming a baby boy!



  • Shifted Dev from Bali team to Ukraine team for deeper tech.
  • Go-to-market version is 3 weeks out
  • Metrics – 1200 active accounts and we have not pushed the GO button yet.


  • Hiring placed on hold, aside of key strategic hires.
  • Kelsey Jones – Assistant
  • Maya Blanusa – Product Manager
  • Flaviu Pasca – VP Engineering (in negotiation)


  • Targeting Non profits and religious institutes.
  • $1 back per active account model
  • Example Hope Kids – 700 families (Committed)
  • Next Partnership – 600k users (Closing stages)
  • Public Marketing strategically on hold – under the radar strategy


  • Raise to date: Over 1M and 400 verbally committed. (Closing contracts)
  • We’re asking for your network in order for us to extend the runway and move quicker to revenue.
  • We have not yet engaged in VC and institutional money – first reach revenue and metrics, better deal, less dilution.

Again, we appreciate you, and thank you for being on this impactful journey with us!


Clint Davis


Investor Updates

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