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Investor Update January ’22

Clint Davis, CEO
January 26, 2022

I trust you are well and are off to an incredible start to 2022!

As one of our valued investors I wanted to take this opportunity to update you on the progress we are making on the Capsll app and the Capsll ecosystem. After product launch, and as we scale, you will receive more detailed updates which will include key metrics and deeper details, however, as this is the first update we have sent, I have chosen to make a casual video for you with all the key information for the stage we are at. 

I understand that this video is a little longer than we’d like, but there is much to bring you up to speed on… hopefully the accent will keep you watching, and coupled with all the good news, you may well find yourself transported into a state of pure euphoria and divine bliss! (or not, but let’s see!)

Here’s the link to the unlisted upload:

Also, for some great reading, here’s the Authority Magazine article mentioned in the update: Authority Magazine Interview

Again, we appreciate you, and thank you for being on this impactful journey with us!


Clint Davis

Investor Updates

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